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How's My Driving?

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Mayfield Info:

CHARACTER NAME: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
HOUSEHOLD: 5723 Cunningham Lane
FATHER: Tony Stark
SIBLING: Black*Star

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Action: 5723 Cunningham Lane

[There is a rather excited teenager cooking up a giant breakfast in the kitchen. Occasionally, her ponytail transforms into a chain with a small scythe at the end.]

Action: Mayfield High

[She's walking around with more bounce to her step and sometimes, during class, she is not the attentive student she normally is, but rather she can be found staring blankly out the window in hopes that school will be over shortly.]

[During lunch, she'll even show off a bit, letting her pony tail transform again. She's really hoping this isn't some kind of dream.]

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[She pulls herself out of the grave with ease, and she immediately has an urge to find the people from home and those in Mayfield she's made friends with.]

[Her disgust at the low cut dress she's wearing is only secondary to this urge. And she can't help but walk with her hands out in front of her.]

Around Town

[Has she met you? Does she know you from home? If so, you might get a feeling that someone is watching you. And for some reason, she can't react as quickly as usual, so you'll probably catch her at it.]

[And Blackā˜†Star, she just might try to carry you away.]
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5723 Cunningham Lane

[Before she even opens her eyes, Tsubaki knows something is wrong. The blankets are thicker than the ones she usually uses and she can’t hear Black*Star’s even breathing. When a quick glance reveals the room is empty, she climbs out of the bed and investigates the room. She heads straight for the framed picture, and is relieved to see Black*Star standing next to her in it, but perplexed by the unfamiliar pair behind them.]

[A quick peak out the window reveals a street lined with houses so uniform and symmetrical, that she’s sure Kid would appreciate it. She tip-toes out of the room, not even bothering to change out of the strange nightgown. As she opens the door across the hall, she quietly calls out her meister’s name.]

[His familiar breathing pattern greets her ears as she makes her way further into the room. She shakes his shoulder.]

Black*Star, wake up.

[not!dad, feel free to stumble across the pair any time!]

Action for around town

[Hello Mayfield, have a pair of teenagers scouring every inch of the town in attempt to figure out what went wrong during a mission to have landed them there. If you happen to be passing them/in the vicinity, Black*Star will be addressing you. Try to ignore the trouble-making gleam in his eye]


[Tags will be coming from Black*Star and Tsubaki]


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